Pseudo-Humanitarian Slave Trade Conspiracy: Human Trafficking

Pseudo-Humanitarian Slave Trade Conspiracy: Human Trafficking

We have been following closely comments and opinions, which at times sound surreal, about immigration and human trafficking.

Patriotic politicians in Mediterranean Europe who militate to protect their citizens and their ethos are often vilified and accused of being inhumane in the face of human trafficking. There are NGO’s plying the sea to assist in the logistics of this slave trade. Thus, making them partners in crime. Then there are those who keep hyping news portals, spinning false or half-truths, and feeding deception for the usual trolls on social media to spin.

Why the deception? In Italy it is to give a pretext to the corrupt, politically controlled judicial system to destroy a politician who was proving uncomfortably popular to those who lost their popular support but contrived to snatch power. In Malta, at least, This joint effort from collaborators has one sole purpose. They are using this issue as a calculated political strategy to put pressure on the government.

Illegal immigration is really a hot potato. Should the government buckle under the pressure, it shows itself as weak. On the other hand, the electorate is alienated as its hostility to this invasion increases day by day and will soon reach boiling point. Especially since the outbreak of Covid19, which has brought fear and anxiety with infected people onboard crowded vessels transported en masse into Malta.

This illegal traffic of human beings is organised through an extensive network of African and European criminals who seem to have total immunity and are off the radar of the media and the spin mongers. The coordinated spin that is in printed and online portals, as well as social media, seem to overlook the root of the problem and choose to attack those who are trying to fight this crime.

They claim that people who are in distress ought to be saved, irrespective of the fact that they are (un) knowingly helping the real culprits who are racking billions.

Definitely not the majority of those seeking asylum are genuine cases. In fact, many of these people are enticed into a dangerous adventure with the allure of comfort and riches.

I wonder who is financing these operations. Is it not time for transparency whereby we are informed who these good Samaritans are? I wonder why these criminals are given total immunity by their countries and especially by the European Union.

If there is a classic case of money laundering, this is it. Have we heard of any investigative journalist, government official or European bureaucrat who is following up on this issue? Or is Moneyval and all the other anti-money laundering institutions actually vigilant in harassing honest citizens and disrupting economies?

I believe that the way to tackle this issue is:

  • A genuine effort by the EU to sort out the issues of the absence of governance and economic organisation in the countries from which the refugees originate. We may be told that this is difficult. We may hear that this amounts to interference with local governments in various countries. But is not the imposition of the influx of foreigners on border countries also an interference? The EU should take an active role in this, overcoming the continuing interests of the countries that had previously been the colonial powers and that are covertly still pushing the power buttons.
  • The organisation of reception centres in the departing countries where the necessary scrutiny takes place and people attracted by a mirage of good living would be informed that the facts are totally different and educated to live productive existence in their country

A budget, coupled with the related effort, allocated to such initiatives would have better return in financial, social and humanitarian benefit.

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