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James Kanter: a covert Kessler mouthpiece.

James Kanter: a covert Kessler mouthpiece.
James Kanter WAS a correspondent for The International Herald Tribune and The New York Times

James Kanter WAS a correspondent for The International Herald Tribune and The New York Times, based in Paris and then Brussels, from 2005 to 2017.

James Kanter who was a correspondent for The International Herald Tribune and The New York Times as the European Union correspondent, based in Paris and then Brussels, from 2005 to 2017.

James Kanter together with other colleagues like Charlie Dunmore, were used by Giovanni Kessler to spin stories that he leaked to them with the sole purpose of demonising me. The articles which were published in the International Herald Tribune, the New York Times were spun by the perverse blogger Daphne Caruana Galizia and the other corrupt media. Daphne was Kessler’s associate in his attacks on me – basing his investigations on the calumnies that she published. The others were all suborned by him, as were members of the police force and the attorney general office, with whom he connived in Brussels. Castille, in both administrations, was tainted by this corrupt bureaucrat.

On 14th May 2017, I wrote Liz Spayd, public editor at the New York Times about the service that James Kanter was giving to Giovanni Kessler. Later in the year, James Kanter’s employment with the Reuters Group was terminated. He did not seem to have other employment to go to.

The termination of James Kanter happened at the same time as the termination of Giovanni Kessler from OLAF. A coincidence???

After one-year freelancing, James Kanter started a podcast online activity called euscream.

Public Editor, Liz Spayd,

James Kanter

I refer to the article that you published in the New York Times on the 12th May 2017 about a supposedly confidential report which was leaked to you and which OLAF had sent to the local authorities. OLAF spent three years on a fishing expedition around the world at God knows what cost (maybe financed by the billions they received from the tobacco lobby) trying to find proof of some unethical behaviour on my part. They ended up fabricating a story of my involvement in some fraudulent scheme with the help of the hate blogger in Malta and her cabal, and other dubious characters including a money launderer, a blackmailer and a prevaricator.

OLAF fraudulently started this investigation after back on the 1st July 2013 you accommodated them by publishing an article entitled “Ousted European Health Official Faces Questions About Plans to Transfer Money” based on information leaked to you of alleged and unfounded ethical misconduct on my part. OLAF had been flogging this story around various other media, you were the one to bite the bait. OLAF used your story as a basis on which to start an investigation.

Not by coincidence, this was when the first request for the lifting of the immunity of OLAF was made by the Belgian Examining Judge and when they were being put under pressure by their own Supervisory Committee, the European Parliament, NGO’s and various media (independent from OLAF) about the first fraud they committed against me when they made the other investigation about the false report sent to them by Swedish Match.

These media attacks continued. Over these years one could see spurts of media attacks at specific times when Kessler was under attack:

  • When I extended my complaint on defamation with the Belgian Police to include OLAF.
  • When the Federal Prosecutor in Belgium insisted on the lifting of the immunity of OLAF.
  • When the immunity of Giovanni Kessler was partially lifted
  • When Giovanni Kessler was interrogated by the Police
  • And now that Giovanni Kessler (together with Swedish Match) had the first hearing in the court of the first instance in Belgium after the Belgian Police have finalised their investigation about the complaint I had instituted on defamation and abuse of power.

In the same fraudulent mindset of the first report, OLAF concocted this report which they sent to the Commission and to the Maltese authorities. No action was taken by the Commission and the local police had already conducted a thorough investigation on the false report that was sent to them by prevaricator Michael Brady in April 2015. Then Police Superintendent Paul Vassallo started the investigation post haste. He later retired after passing my family through hell. This was a few days after Kessler said in an interview with the Sunday Times of Malta that he would soon close his investigation. He thought, at the time, that he had it all sewn up.

I was informed that a report was sent last November. I asked OLAF and the attorney general in Malta to give me a copy of this report but this was refused on grounds of confidentiality. It seems that confidentiality does not apply where it comes to OLAF’s conspiratorial journalists.

From what is appearing in the media, the accusations in the report seem to be a copy and paste from the blogs of the local hate blogger. It is a fabrication and fraud.

The day before you published the article, judicial procedures were started in the Chambre de Conseil in Brussels against Giovanni Kessler (and Swedish match) after the Belgian Police closed their investigation on a report that I had initiated on the 13th December 2012. The dossier was passed to the Federal Prosecutor for action. The case was adjourned after my lawyer filed a petition for the court to order the examining judge in Brussels to perform supplementary duties – that intensifies his investigation. The Commission’s obstruction of the investigation by not lifting the immunity of OLAF staff and only partially lifting the immunity of Kessler has prevented the Belgian Police from making the investigation that they would have wanted.

Kessler reacted to this development by using you in a vindictive splurge of odium. The article is very revealing:

  • It reveals that the information being reported has been divulged to you by OLAF in total breach of their obligation for confidentiality. And this was not done in the pursuit of justice but with a vindictive motive.
  • It is nothing but a rehash of the hate blogs that a Maltese Blogger has been carrying over the past three years. If this is what is contained in the report, then it is proof that this fraud has been fabricated in complicity between Kessler and this Maltese Blogger, also in total breach of ethics and policies.
  • It reveals the malicious and criminal bad faith of Kessler who repeats calumnies and lies even when he would have been told that he was wrong. After sending his report, Kessler had a meeting with the Malta police in Brussels to press upon them the importance that they take action against me. They must have told him that:
    • They had already investigated this case thoroughly before he sent his report as it was reported to them by perjurer Michael Brady in April 2015.
    • His report had no additional information as it was only reproducing the report they had received.
      They must have told him that they confirmed that I was in no way involved.
    • They could have told him that my daughters who were simply a service provider lost money also in this operation – a far cry from being part of any fraud.

When his harassment of the Malta Police did not succeed, he again engaged you to contact the police to “enquire” about the progress on their investigation. He must have divulged this confidential report to you at that time.

Kessler, comfortable in his immunity, believes that he can slander anybody with impunity. This is not only wrong, but it is also extremely dangerous, and it is not tenable that anyone in that mindset is kept in positions where one can destroy citizens’ life at will.

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