An Introduction To eucivis

What To Expect From eucivis:

Europe is losing its focus and its direction. The Citizen, which was at the core of the European idea has been thrust aside and a bureaucratic dictatorship has shrouded the European dream. We are experiencing the disintegration of Europe, the incapacity to come up with effective solutions to conflicts and the grave human problems that they generate, and which are being given little if any importance. There is no effective redress of poverty, discrimination and injustice. The dereliction of Europe is now evident in the catastrophe of immigration, epidemics and civil rights.

Malta had been raised from the quagmire of archaic and extremist socialism and was steadily reconstructing and enhancing its institutions as well as building its social market economy, exploiting its human resources and developing smart economic activity and effective regulation. We are now seeing the country imploding. Drawn and quartered by a government shocked and corroded by corruption and which is now proving easy prey to intimidation by critics. By an inept opposition, disjointed by the megalomaniac hate mongers within its ranks who are instrumentalising the so-called civil society resolute in denigrating Malta. By the corrupt media who had been feeding fake news, disorientating the population, fomenting unrest and disseminating negativism about Malta.

This is an effort to expose the corruption and hypocrisy of the European Institutions based on personal experiences. eucivis will be used as a commentary on the current events in Malta, and the people involved in the current tragedy, within a backdrop of facts which I, John Dalli, have lived through during my twenty-two years in government.

We will militate to terminate the impunity given to the arrogant, cruel and callous psycho cowards with a schadenfreude paranoia who keep emitting their vitriol supported by the corrupt media.


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