Abridged Biography of John Dalli

John Dalli Malta

Qualified as an accountant, John Dalli worked for 18 years in the private sector. He held high level management positions in Malta and Brussels. His experience encompasses finance, manufacturing, systems and negotiation.

He militated in the Nationalist Party since 1971 in the youth movement and in the national executive. He assisted in organising and running the media sector in the party and introduced a computerised system to control the electoral system and facilitate communication with the electorate.

During this time, John Dalli got his taste of political harassment. In 1984, two consecutive attacks, one week apart from each other, there was an attempted arson attack on his house and unknown persons broke into his house and terrified his wife.

Minister (1987-2010)

Mr. Dalli was first elected to Parliament in 1987, and then he was re elected five other successive times –1992, 1996, 1998, 2003 and 2008. He was given ministerial responsibilities from the start: Junior Minister for Industry (1987-1990), Minister for Economic Services (1990-1992), Minister of Finance (1992-1996), Minister of Finance and Economy (1998-2004), Minister for Foreign Affairs and Investment Promotion (2004), Minister for Social Policy (2008-2010).

During his tenure, the economy of Malta was reconstructed, dismantling the corrupt, bankrupt socialist structure and building a social market economy largely driven by the private sector and ensuring equitable distribution of wealth. He sees his biggest achievement to be that the Socialist Party in Malta abandoned its socialist policies.

European Commission (2010-2012)

On the 10th February 2010, John Dalli was appointed a Member of the European Commission responsible for Health and Consumer Policy.
In the Consumer area, Dalli has reinvigorated the thrust towards EMPOWERMENT of the consumers projecting the consumer as an equal partner in the single market. His Consumer Strategy revolves around the SIRE principle (Safety, Information, Rights and Redress, and Enforcement).
A new dimension was given to the Health sector, around the concept of WELLNESS. He reiterates that his vision and mission is to keep people out of hospital beds and this he promotes around Security, Prevention, Access and Sustainability.

Dalli also handled animal welfare, food safety and plant diversity in his portfolio. He was developing policies on, amongst other things, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Online Dispute Resolution, Consumer Strategy, Clinical Trials, Animal Testing for Cosmetics, The Innovation Partnership on Aging, Tobacco, Anti-Microbial Resistance.

During the 2011 Libyan uprising, drawing on his vast experience of Libya and the culture of its people he warned about the long messy affair that this will develop into. His assessment was proven correct even though it was (intentionally) misinterpreted at the time.

Attacks and Persecution.

The success that John Dalli achieved in all his positions brought him the admiration and support of the vast majority of the Maltese. It also brought him the envy and hate of the frustrated opposition and the megalomaniacs in his own party. Both saw him as a threat to their ambition of harnessing power.

The constant attacks, defamations and hate mongering came from alliances made amongst those who wanted to destroy his reputation in Malta – elements from both political parties and EU officials who wanted to stop his initiatives.

A full and documented exposition of the conspiracies and frauds perpetrated against John Dalli and his family will be detailed in this news portal.

Fraud No 1

Attack by then Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi and his cronies, based on fraudulent reports concocted by a group within his own party. Gonzi forced John Dalli to resign from Cabinet merely two months after taking over as Prime Minister. The man who made these reports was sentenced to two years in jail (reduced to one year after appeal). Commissioner John Rizzo stopped the investigation to uncover those who were behind this fraud. It took Gonzi four years and an upcoming election to admit in public that all accusations against John Dalli were false and baseless. An interesting fact is that at the time of the attack John Dalli was in Washington meeting with Foreign Secretary Colin Powell to discuss developments in Libya. Gonzi tried to have Dalli cancel this meeting. Dalli refused and went on with the meeting.

Fraud No 2

An investigation by OLAF instigated by the tobacco lobby in conjunction with the EU Commission. The investigation was headed by Giovanni Kessler and was intended to stop John Dalli from pushing a harsh Tobacco Directive. OLAF issued a much-criticised report based on circumstantial evidence. Dalli instituted action against Swedish Match and OLAF for defamation. The Commission interfered in the investigation of the Belgian Police and did not permit them to interrogate Giovanni Kessler and OLAF staff on the “investigation” they conducted. Still the Belgian investigators arraigned Swedish Match, Giovanni Kessler and “X” (OLAF staff) in the court of first instance in Brussels. The case is still pending and there are rumours that too many people stand against a solution. In the meantime, The Smokeless Tobacco Lobby office that was used in the setup against John Dalli was closed, Giovanni Kessler was removed from OLAF.

Fraud No 3

After a futile attempt to involve John Dalli in unethical behaviour, an attack was launched on John Dalli’s daughters. OLAF, led by Giovanni Kessler, wasted Commission resources in a three-year fishing expedition. Drawing a blank, OLAF turned on John Dalli’s daughters enlisting, amongst others, Daphne Caruana Galizia. The Malta Police, who are now known to be stooges of the megalomaniac hate mongers, collaborated with Kessler and co, meeting Kessler in Brussels time and time again. The day after John Dalli was reported in the press as stating that the then Prime Minister made a mistake not to have dismissed those involved in the Panama Papers, Asst Commissioner Ian Abdilla filed a summons against John Dalli’s daughters based on trumped up charges. This was leaked to Rachel Attard of the Malta Independent who had been pushing Kessler’s story and leaks in the campaign against Dalli. John Dalli’s daughters were officially informed of these summons two weeks after. John Dalli castigated Ian Abdilla when giving evidence in the Egrant enquiry accusing him in his face of conspiring with Kessler and Daphne Caruana Galizia to attack him and his family. The tape containing John Dalli’s testimony and the exposure of Ian Abdilla were “damaged” and John Dalli was called to give evidence again in the enquiry. This evidence was to respond to the perjury of one of the police officers who was instructed to repeat what Simon Busuttil had said weeks before in public.

Fraud No 4

A couple of days after the summons leak, John Dalli received a notice from OLAF that another investigation was opened against him. This was based on a calumnious article concocted by Daphne Caruana Galizia some 18 months before. Kessler must have fabricated this investigation as a parting vendetta against John Dalli after his contract as DG OLAF was terminated prematurely by the Commission. This was a planned pincer movement by Kessler and Abdilla.

The new OLAF management closed this investigation a few weeks later declaring it as without any base in fact. Thus, also discrediting Daphne Caruana Galizia.


John Dalli proved to be a very resilient character, able to withstand all the attacks not only from his local detractors, including the Gonzi and the Muscat Governments, but also from such goliaths as the Tobacco Industry and the EU Commission.

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